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GD Goenka International School, Surat has best in class smart class rooms with high resolution projectors and interactive boards. Quality education is an essential requisite in today’s competitive environment. Technology has affected us in every aspect. The smart classes is a modernized method of education in Indian education scenario which provides quality education to students by helping them in better concept formation, concept elaboration, improvement in reading skills and academic achievements. In the Pre-Primary section the use of popkorn kid tablets facilitates ease of learning for the kids. Extramarks is one of the leading education content providers creating student-friendly learning solutions. Extramarks powered classrooms provided an extra boost for the child’s learning along with our well-trained teachers. We also have a huge Education bank holding a lot of material and videos helpful for the students to have a clear idea of the topics taught in the class along with innumerous practice worksheets. Education content is directly made available on the student’s iPad. The concept of Google classroom has made the gap between parents and teachers negligible. Now parents can stay in touch with the teachers and pay close attention to what the students are learning via the google classroom. To keep a track of the student’s academic growth and various other reports GD Goenka International School has a world class ERP to keep the parents informed at all times.



Education Field Trip


Higher Section Students' Visit to Paper Factory



Higher Section Students' Visit to Sosyo Plant



PVA Activities



Sports Activities




School Coach – Mr Devang Bhagat

Football is one of the major games in GDGIS.

The School has 2 Football Grounds and one coach to guide students. We have all the necessary equipment and gadgets to play good and quality football.


  • Development of football skills and stamina building by regular practice under the guidance of coach.
  • Updating students about new rules and regulations of the game.
  • Organizing Junior, Middle and Seniors inter-house tournaments.
  • Participation in CBSE, SGFI, and Khelmahakumbh, District, State and National level Tournaments.
    We have graded the teams in three levels:
  • U-14 Boys And Girls (Below 14 years of age): Classes 5 to 8
  • U-17 Boys And Girls (Below 17 years of age): Classes 9 & 10
  • U-19 Boys And Girls (Below 19 years of age): Classes 11 & 12


Coach - Mr Diptesh Tailor

Basketball is also one of the major games in GDGIS. There are Two basketball courts in GDGIS where 25-50 students are trained intensively by a qualified coach. GDGIS Basketball teams mainly participates in CBSE, SGFI, and Khelmahakumbh State and National school tournaments and in some selected invitational tournaments. The school also organizes Middle and Senior Inter-house tournament. Basketball is mandatory playing sports for class 5 to 10

We have graded the teams in three levels:

  • U-14 Boys And Girls (Below 14 years of age): Classes 5 to 8
  • U-17 Boys And Girls (Below 17 years of age): Classes 9 & 10
  • U-19 Boys And Girls (Below 19 years of age): Classes 11 & 12



Coach- Mr Jaypal Sinh Vala

In GDGIS, there are all the required assets for playing this game in the most professional manner. Cricket is mandatory playing sports for class 1 to 10.

Throughout the year the school teams participates in the following competitions:

  1. District Competitions
  2. State Competitions
  3. SGFI Competitions


All the students playing under these categories participate in District tournaments and further participate in State and National Camps after selection. The students also participate in SGFI tournaments held once a year.

Table Tennis

Coach - Mr Mukesh Patel

Table Tennis is played and enjoyed by students of GDGIS.

Table Tennis:- Tennis develops endurance, agility, strength, speed, balance, coordination

Table Tennis requires comparatively smaller area to set up

Table Tennis is a life time sport

Table Tennis is a very popular game all over the world

Top Table Tennis players gain a lot of name and fame and money.

Every year, the students participate in District level, State level and SGFI and CBSE Tournaments.


We have graded the teams in three levels:

  • U-14 Boys And Girls (Below 14 years of age): Classes 5 to 8
  • U-17 Boys And Girls (Below 17 years of age): Classes 9 & 10
  • U-19 Boys And Girls (Below 19 years of age): Classes 11 & 12



Coach – Mr Mukesh Patel

Tennis is one of the most popular sports in GDGIS. The Junior School boys as well as Senior School boys regularly play tennis in the evening as a daily routine throughout the year. There are many boys who play Tennis for fitness and some are quite serious in learning the art of Tennis.

There are almost 200 students playing tennis in the GDGIS including Junior School. There are many in-house tennis tournaments in GDGIS followed by Inter-house Tennis Competition. GDGIS boys and girls regularly participate in District, State, CBSE and SGFI Tournaments.


We have graded the teams in three levels:

  • U-14 Boys And Girls (Below 14 years of age): Classes 5 to 8
  • U-17 Boys And Girls (Below 17 years of age): Classes 9 & 10
  • U-19 Boys And Girls (Below 19 years of age): Classes 11 & 12



Coach – Mr Franklin Dsouza

Skating is most excited sports activities for Pre-primary and Primary Students where it promotes confidence of students. Being on the rink and making small advancements towards a new trick or even just letting go of the skatemate can be a huge boost for a child’s self-esteem.

This year we specially designed skate rink where this student can boost their confidence and boost their zeal for the competition.

Our students played District, State and National level Skating Competition.



Coach - Mr Lahor Singh Tereng and Nikita Dudhwala

GDGIS is well equipped with one pool keeping in mind the level and competency of students. It is 25 metre long and 5 feet deep. Swimming is mandatory playing sports for class 1 to 8.

Keeping in mind that swimming may sometime help save a life, GDGIS has made Swimming compulsory for each and every boy and girl. Moreover, to inculcate competitiveness amongst students, house swimming is promoted. The house swimming helps the students to participate in the Inter-house Swimming competition which takes place every year.

The School team has participates in District, State and National level competitions held every year.


Physical Education

Physical education provides holistic development of the body

Physical education theory classes make a student aware of this body’s physiology and anatomy

Physical education practical classes helps in  integrating the theory to practical

Improves body fitness.

Food Facility



Events & Celebrations


Higher Section Students' Space India Orientation


Higher Section Students' Science Exhibition


Higher Section Students' Rangotsav

Higher Section Students' Annual Sports Day



Other Amenities

  • One Mother Teacher, One Co-Teacher, One Nanny (Per Class)
  • Library
  • Concept Room
  • Individual Pigeon Hole
  • Fun Zone
  • Play Zone
  • CCTV Surveillance
  • Goenkan Journal & Magazine
  • PSA Committee
  • Audio Visual Room
  • Auditorium
  • Drama & Theatre Studio
  • Stationary Tuck Shop
  • 24 Hour in house security
  • 24 Hour health & care
  • Ambulance on board

Transport Facility

AC Bus, Driver, Conductor and Nanny with trained staff

Class Activities



Guidance & Counselling

"The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches but to reveal to him his own.”

A little guidance at the right time can make a real difference in ones academic career and life. The impact of a mentor's guidance and wisdom is immense and can work wonders for a child’s performance and self esteem. Keeping this in mind G. D. Goenka has introduced a mentorship program for the students of higher section from this academic year. Though the basic aim of this system is to provide a trusted counselor or guide to each child, it also helps the students in gaining practical advice, encouragement and support. Through mentoring children Learn from the experience of others and become more empowered to make decisions. Communicating with their teachers enables them to develop more social and academic confidence, ease of communication, study and personal skills. They receive the guidance necessary for identifying goals and establish a sense of direction.

As Bob Proctor has put it "A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself and helps bring it out of you." the mentors in GDGIS are committed to bring out the best in each child.