Teacher's Name
Tanvi Trivedi
Tanvi Trivedi teaches mathematics in Middle section. She believes that the greater aim of education is not knowledge but action. Other than teaching mathematics she takes keen interest in reading and music.


M.E , B.Ed
03 yrs
Ciril Sithara
Mrs. Ciril Sithara teaches Environmental Studies and Social Studies. She has ranked high in her university and has also presented papers in international conferences. Other than teaching she takes great interest in music.
M.Sc. , M.Phil
03 yrs
Richa Dikshit
Richa Dikshit teaches Science. She is a person who is always open to ideas and is a keen learner. She also takes keen interest in dancing and theatre.
1.5 yrs
Sonali Gevariya
Sonali R. Gevariya teaching computer in our school. She loves to listen to the music and believes that creativity is a type of learning process where the teacher and pupil are counted as the same individual.
B.Com & Diploma in information & system.
08 yrs
Kulwant Kaur
She is very sincere, dedicated and hard working teacher. Very jovial and always ready to help others. Teaching Hindi and Sanskrit is her passion and she love being with Children.
M.A., B.Ed
14 yrs
Sejal Sukhadia
She is a sincere and hard working person. She loves teaching French language to the children; i.e. teaching them French Vocabulary and pronunciation. Making her French class, student friendly is her genre of teaching.
DELF A 1, A 2, B 1 (French Course)
4 yrs
Nancy Paul
Nancy Paul teaches English. Other than teaching she takes active interest in play and script writing.
B.Com., B.Ed.
7 yrs
Vimla Chainani
Vimla Chainani teaches French to the 7th,8th & the 9th graders. She is committed towards her duty. Other than being an excellent French teacher, she is a dynamic orator and also excels in laying a strong foundation ,by polishing the English linguistic skills of the children.
4 yrs
Sandeep Shaw
Sandeep Shaw teaches Hindi. He takes his work seriously and always strives to promote the usage of this language.
4 yrs
Amrut Patel
Amrut Patel is a Computer Teacher. Besides teaching, he enjoys reading and travelling.
04 yrs
Charu Nanshi
Charu Nanshi teaches in the Primary Section. She loves sports and travelling. She takes great care in ensuring that children understand concepts and develop a spirit of inquiry.
B.Ed(Eng & SC.)
4 yrs
Rinki Singh

Rinki Singh teaches Hindi. She likes to work in a challenging environment and has a special ability to mould students to love this subject.
M.A.(Hindi), B.Ed.(Hindi & History)
2 yrs
Hardik Antani
B.Sc.(Maths), B.Ed.(Maths, Science)
6 yrs
Neerzaree Shah
B.Com, LLB,
B2-French Language, Diploma in Fashion Designing
8 yrs
Neepa Desai
M.A. (English), B. Ed.(English, Sanskrit)
4 yrs
Abha Modh
B.A.( Economics), B.Ed.(S.Sc. & Hindi)
4.6 yrs
Meenakshi Malhotra
B.Com, Diploma in ECCE, B.Ed., DiplomainBasic Computing
Mohsin Khalifa
B.A.,Computer Hardware & Network Eng.
4 yrs
Sukhdev Joshi
M.A(Hindi), B.Ed.(Hindi)
5.4 yrs
Janki Kothari
B. A.(Psychology),





Teaching Staff

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