The school is called as community of learners. It is customary that learners have beliefs about how the world works based on their experiences and prior learning. Those beliefs, models or constructs are revisited and revised in the light of new experiences and further learning through co scholastic programme at GDGIS.

Vygotsky defined learning as “the creation of meaning that occurs when an individual links new knowledge with the…. existing knowledge.” At GDGIS students are supported for mastery and control on their journey to become independent, autonomous learners. The learning experiences are differentiated to accommodate the range of abilities and learning styles in different areas like  dance, art, craft, instrumental music (Indian and western), vocal music (Indian and western), theatre, creative writing and many more.

 The association on the part of all the teachers is high, and there is dedications to the trans disciplinary sculpt at the core of this programme of education.







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Swachh Bharat Abhiyan