1. Swimming:- Is a lifesaving sport

Multiple health benefits associated with the sport

Provides overall exercise to the body

Competitive swimming is one of the most popular Olympic sports

Swimming is fun

  1. Football:-One of the most developing and popular sport in the world

Lowers body fat .Builds strength, flexibility and endurance. Increases muscle and bone strength.

Combination of individual skill and team strategies


Football provides a good source of income to top level players

  1. Basketball:-A Second fast game

Build endurance. Improve balance and coordination.

Combination of individual skill and team strategies

A very popular Olympic sport

It is attainable and not expensive

Professional basketball is a highly lucrative sport for the players

  1. Volleyball:- Volleyball involves a multitude of fast paced, dynamic movements including jumping, diving, and shuffling. The main focus of the game is to develop fast, explosive movements

Volleyball is a non contact sport

Volleyball court does not need little space

Volleyball is also a popular Olympic sport

  1. Cricket:-Cricket is the most popular game in India

It can improve endurance, stamina, physical fitness and hand eye-coordination. Cricket also involves short bursts of sprinting and throwing which is good for cardiovascular health. The game is good for developing team skills.

Cricket is the most commercialised sport in India

Skilled players can make cricket their profession.


  1. Track and field:- Track and field is a sport which includes the skills of running, jumping, and throwing.


  1. Table Tennis:-Table Tennis is one of the fastest sport in the world


            Table Tennis has the most number of registered players in the world

            Table Tennis is a very popular Olympic sport

            Table Tennis is a game of fast reflexes and requires very good eye to hand coordination

            Table Tennis is comparatively cheaper to set up than other sports.

            Table tennis maintains overall body fitness.


  1. Tennis:- Tennis develops endurance, agility, strength, speed, balance, coordination

            Tennis requires comparatively smaller area to set up

            Tennis is a life time sport

            Tennis is a very popular game all over the world

            Top Tennis players gain a lot of name and fame and money.


  1. Yoga: - Yoga is a very ancient Indian medium to improve and maintain mental and physical .


            Yoga provides physical exercise

            Yoga provides mental peace

            Yoga teaches how to meditate

            Regular yoga keeps us healthy physically, mentally and emotionally.



Physical Education

Physical education provides holistic development of the body

Physical education theory classes make a student aware of this body’s physiology and anatomy

Physical education practical classes develops integrating the theory to practical

Improves body fitness.