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Neerja Parikh

Nutritionist & Chief Observer

(Head of Food Dept.,Hostel & Health Dept.)

G.D. Goenka International School, Surat

Neerja Parikh, completed course of caring for infants and children with acute malnutrition,- from SOUTHAMPTON UNIVERSITY -UK & B.H.Sc(FSN). She is the dietician of the school and is also a member of The National Institute of Nutrition, Indian Dietetics Association (IDA) and All India Advanced Research of Obesity. She has worked with many hospitals and corporate houses. She is an experienced diet counsellor and has over 16 years of experience in this field. As a nutritionist in GDGIS, she monitors eating habits of children and addresses all queries regarding food. She takes special care in looking after nutritional deficiencies in children. As a Chief Observer she observes all the day to day operations of administrative as well as maintenance of academic areas by taking rounds in the entire campus, attending meetings, witnessing all the events of clubs, PVA and sports departments and provides a vital link between the school and the trust.

Chief Observer's Message

‘THE SPARK’... is the thing that we observe in your child at GDGIS and try our best to turn it into a luminous fire... as a perfect school!

It is a confluence of ideas and mirror of achievements of the members of the far flung GOENKAN family where the ability to think clearly, logically and independently is imparted. Understanding the scientific, cultural, economic and social practices can be highlighted by both the teachers and taught. Valued education is inculcated in budding minds for fulfilment of their high dreams and achievement of ultimate goal of their lives through academic excellence and ethical adherence.

We welcome you to crusade, create and conquer in the best shaping personality of yourself, for the school, family, society, nation and the World. It is just like you move one step ahead towards your way to perfection.

We welcome you to the ’smart school’ GDGIS where your child can touch the sky of TECHNOLOGY by keeping his feet on the earth of typical INDIAN TRADITION.


See the atmosphere for your child's future