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1.   Mr. Fedricks | Guest
        Wonderful Campus & school must be a great pleasure to be a student at GDGIS. Thank you so the wonderful campus tour.
2.   Dr. R.K Bhaskar | Guest
       A Wonderful Experience.
3.   Mr.Hasmukh Modi | Guest |Director of Vidhya Mandir Trust- Palanpur
      A touch of class institutions. Perfect maintainance, house keeping. Appealing facilities of class. Great concept. Good performance.
4.   Mr. Hemal Shah | Guest
      Good experience
5.  Mr. Venkata Subba Rao | Guest
     Great ! Every aspect of the child's learning is here at GDGIS. Great Infrastructure! Great Vision, Excellent!
6.  Mr. Govind | Guest
     Excellent setup for growing generation with all the required components.
7.  Mr. Sudhir Bhat | Guest
     Excellent infrastructure ideal for children.
Parents Name: - Mr. Ramesh Chugh (Father)
Students Name:- Kanishka .R. Chugh- Standard IX-D
I am very impressed with the study and the physical activities of the school. The School is unique in every field. The Education system is good and simple. The child does not get bored and studies happily. I wish and pray to god that this school may progress day by day.
Parents Name: Mrs. Manila Nimbark (Mother)
Students Name: Raj Nimbark - Standard- 7th C
It is very good. The studies and the extra co-curricular activities are balanced very well by the school. The best thing in the school is the child centric education. The entire atmosphere of the school is very good and we do not get such environment anywhere else. I am happy that my child studies here at G.D Goenka International School-Surat.
Parents Name:-Mrs. Ashvina D. Jani
Students Name: Hirak Jani -Standard 9
In my humble opinion my son has definitely become aware of the cultural background of the society in which we live and the behaviour towards his parents has changed dramatically since he has been enrolled in G.D Goenka International School. He is also happy with the food quality that he gets at school. The school has a special facility to view the Childs classroom line via net so this assures that the child is in safe hands and is doing well
Parents Name: Mr. Dharmes Jani (Father)
Students Name: Hirak Jani -Standard 9
The very first impression that I got from visiting the school was that i have brought my child to the right place. The behaviour of the staff is excellent towards parents. I can see a clear difference in the attitude of my child within a short span since he was enrolled in the school. We are extremely happy that he has got ample opportunities to learn the lessons of leadership at school. I am also very happy about the way my child is trained in sports.
Parents Name: Mrs. Saloni .M. Jhaveri
Students Name: Krish.M Jhaveri -Standard Nursery-A
I am very thankful for my kid's progress. The teachers and the entire staff are very helpful and courteous. Each and every activity the school celebrates its commendable. Especially the "Grandparents Day" My in-laws were very happy with the programme and they enjoyed lot. I really thank the school for arranging such programmes and calling the grandparents.
I would also like to thank all the security guards, nannies and all peons for the efforts they put helping the kids at school. Thank you to all.
Parents Name: Mrs. Suman Sureka
Students' Name: Sana Sureka - Standard Nursery-A
GDGIS is a special school. It's not like any other school where education is meant to be just getting ranks. It is more of overall development of the child. From studies to practice to new medium of learning, there is enough resource that helps one to nurture the growth of the child into positive and more confident human being. Apart from this, there is a superb security system that leads one to happily hand over the school your most precious jewel. I can't thank enough for bringing in such a school system in the city and giving Parents to choose the best for our kids.
2nd Annual Function "Colours of Life"
Parents Name: Mrs Anita Dhariwal
Students Name: Aadit Deepesh Dhariwal - Standard I-A
Very good effort by everyone in the school. Congratulations for the success
Parents Name: Mrs Pooja Vijay Bhavnani
Students Name: Nishita Vijay Bhavnani - Standard I-A
It was a very nice Annual Day Function. I have never seen such excellent Performances done perfectly by all the students.
Parents Name: - Mr. Ramesh Chugh (Father)
Students Name:- Kanishka .R. Chugh- Standard IX-D
The Performance was very Excellent.
Educational Tour to Singapore & Malaysia
Parents Name: Mr & Mrs Rajendra Surana
Students Name: Shubham Surana - Standard: VII
Singapore Malaysia Trip was very nice and informative. The Teachers behaviour towards the students was very good and friendly. School should arrange for such trips frequently.
Parents Name: Mrs. Pramila Pillai
Students' Name: Tejan Pillai - Standard: XI-Science
GDGIS is a special school. It's not like any other school where education is meant to be just getting ranks. It is more of overall development of the child. The Singapore Malaysia trip was very informative and my kid enjoyed a lot. Very Good care taken by the teachers. Thank you very much. Looking forward for such trips.
Parents Name: Mrs. Neerja Sekhon
Students' Name: Neil Singh & Neevan Jagmohan Singh Sekhon - Standard: VI & IV
Good experience for the kids. Very well planned and organised with full safety and security. Thanks to school management trip organiser. Also thank you to Rajeev sir and Nandini Ma'am for taking good care of the students.

Parents Name: Mr.Satyendra Gupta
Students Name: Himanshu Gupta - Standard: VII
We are very happy with the trip that was arranged by the school. My son keeps on talking about the trip a lot. He enjoyed and wishes to go for more such trips in future. We are very thankful to Ms.Nandini and Rajeev Sir who really took care of my child and made the trip a memorable one for him. After the trip i have seen positive changes in my child. Thank you so very much.

Parents Name: Mr & Mrs Dipesh Shah
Students Name: Yash Shah &Dipanshi Shah -Standard: V&VIII
Thank you so much for making the trip an enjoyable one for my child. From our family total six kids had gone for the trip and all enjoyed a lot. We are very grateful to the teachers who really took the responsibility to take care of so many children. They handled the children with great care and love. We wish to send all our children for such trips in future.
Parents Name: Mrs. Dipika Patel
Students Name: Smith Patel -Standard: V
We are very thankful and grateful to Nandini Ma'am and Rajeev Sir for taking such good care of the children. My son enjoyed the trip a lot. He says the trip was full of fun and informative. When he talks about the trip he keeps on smiling and we smile seeing a smile on his face. Thank you so much for arranging such trips. Looking forward for many trips in future.
Parents Name: Mrs. Manoj Jain
Students Name: Bhavya Jain -Standard: V
My son enjoyed a lot and is very happy. Thanks to G.D Goenka School for arranging such wonderful trips. Thank you to all the teachers who accompanied them and really took great care.





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