Surat is one of the fastest growing cities and can boast of some really good infrastructure. Surat is one of the most important commercial centres and can boast of its textile and diamond businesses. In the process of such development over the years no one seriously realized that Surat has tremendous potential in human resources. It is not easy to work such business establishments and put it on the road map of the world without having some really heavy think tanks behind.

While there exist very gifted individuals in the city, there is a strong need to fill in the lacuna of good schools in Surat. It is imperative in this age of globalization that Surat should stand up to the challenges the modern world poses for the future generation. We need schools that will be able to train citizens, who will be able to deal and work in a multicultural environment with the confidence that seems to be fading away in the today’s youth. The youth of Surat requires the opportunity of studying in a world class school with education comparable to international standards. Students need not only to excel in academics but also develop a personality that helps them work in a multidisciplinary environment.

An education system centred at imparting an all round personality development where children can become inquirers, be of independent thought and able to speak their minds confidently is the direction our systems should be headed at. We need the citizens of tomorrow to have a high sense of moral spirit, be rationale, succeed and at the same time have empathy for those who did not.

The GD Goenka International School, Surat aims at precisely achieving this. Through the plethora of activities and out of classroom teaching we inculcate a strong sense of values in our children. We can boast of having the best opportunities available to children. We have a wide range of activities: social service, sport, debates, elocution, foreign language, cultural fests, public speaking.... the list never ends.

Other than these we have a very strong child welfare policy and pastoral care policy. We strongly believe that teachers are like parents to children and we encourage children to approach them with all of the problems a growing child faces.

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