Teacher's Name
Dr Saroj Grover
Dr Saroj Grover teaches students Accountancy to students of grade 11. She is innovative full of new ideas and makes a difficult subject appear really easy.
16.7 yrs
Meenakshi Janveja
Meenakshi Janveja teaches social studies. She is a very creative teacher and engages children very well in class. She also looks after the cooking club in school.
M.A.(Public Admin.),
5.4 yrs
Chandresh Kathiriya
Chandresh Kathiriya teaches computers. He also handles the IT club. He is a popular teacher and always brings out the best in children.
7 yrs
Pradeep Chakraborty
Pradeep Chakraborty teaches Mathematics. He is comfortable with teaching mathematics to almost all age groups.
M.Sc.(Maths), B.Ed.(Maths,Phys.Sc.)
4 yrs
Poonam Mishra
Poonam Mishra teaches chemistry. She has great flair for the subject. She is innovative, caring and is always ready to walk the extra mile for the benefit of students.
7 yrs
Bharat Khandelwal
Bharat Khandelwal teaches mathematics. He has a unique way of bringing life into this subject. He is enthusiastic and always attends to difficult problems with a smile! He takes a lot of interest in his work and constantly upgrades his skills.
11 Yrs
Ajay Mishra
Ajay Kumar Mishra is a Sanskrit Teacher. He believes that the purpose of education is to inculcate in the students the habit of speaking the truth.
B.Ed , M.Ed & pursuing PhD
10 yrs
Dharti Desai
A lot to learn, yet i would like to say that teaching students of any grade takes a lot of time, love, care and patience. She truly believes in sincerity, punctuality and honesty. She does have a very good hobby and habit, too reading books
M.A.(English Gold Medallist)
7 yrs
Krishna Kant Mishra
Krishna Kant Mishra teaches mathematics. He is passionate about teaching and ignites students to love mathematics.
M.Sc. L.T.
26 yrs


Purnima Mehta
She is the epitome of knowledge. She enhances the interest of children, staff & the faculties regarding all types of books & also assists in exam related works.
13 yrs
Ruchi Shah
She has worked as a laboratory Assistant for 1 year in Bhagvan Mahavir College. She believe that for handling students in laboratory a teacher should be well qualified and updated with the latest technology at the same time should be alert and careful during practical's. She loves to read books and listen music.
M.Sc in Bio information
1 yr
Mohsin Khalifa
He is a talented person who handles software and hardware with equal flare. His soft skills are excellent and he is an important clog in the exam wheel.
5 yrs
Nehal Mendpara
1.5 yrs
Geeta Ghai
M.Com, B.Ed.(Pursuing), GNIT(Software Engineering)
4.4 yrs
Gautam Dubey
6 yrs
Tanu Sewani
B.Com(Accountancy, Tax Management),
M.Com (Mangement), PGDMM(Marketing)
8 months
Pratik Chugh
B.E. (Mechanical)
7 months
Ambrish Upadhyay
M.A(Geography), B.Ed.(Geography), MBA
8 Years
Raghuram Acharya
B.E. (Computer Science)
1.9 yrs
Sandeep Tiwari
B.Ed.(Result Awaited), DCH
5 yrs
Sohel S Makwana
B.Com, B.Ed.(S.St., English), M.A. (Eco.)- pursuing
7.8 yrs
Raksha Tiwari
M.Sc.(Microbiology), M.Phil(Microbiology),
B.Ed.(Science & Technology)
1.8 Years
Snehlata Upadhyay
B.A(Hindi), M.A.(Hindi, Political Science), B.Ed.(Hindi,English),
M.Ed. (Educational)
11 yrs
Manju Bakshi
B.A., B.Ed.,
13.6 yrs
Anindita De
M.A.(English), TTC,
B.Ed.(English, S.St.) (Pursuing)
11 yrs
Rashmeet Kaur Khalsa
M.Com(Economics), B.Ed.(S.St.& English)
7.1 Years
Shahnawaz Ansari
M.Sc.(Physiology)(Botany), B.Ed.(Life Science)
8.9 Years
Someshwar Rayala
12th, Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology
8 Months
Vaibhav Patel





Teaching Staff

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