Education at GDGIS is an integrated process with a flexible curriculum which takes into account the holistic development of differentiated learners, using varied techniques & styles. Emphasis is led on nurturing different multiple intelligences adopting innovative methods & technology to produce lifelong learners.

Pre-primary Section (Play Group - Sr K.G.)

The blooming buds walk in GDGIS and they are playfully led beyond the books.The student centric approach caters to 5 major developmental areas of the blooming buds. They are nurtured to enhance their linguistic skills, cognitive abilities, fine and gross motor development, social & emotional growth.

Primary Section (Grades I - IV)

Primary section curriculum is dependent on our commitment on our particular belief about how children learn encapsulated most clearly in the constructive approach. Using their prior knowledge, new learning through hands on activities, practical experiences are given which construct the meaning and help them to be a global life long learner.

Middle (Grades V - VIII) and Higher (Grades IX - XII)

GDGIS is dedicated to providing holistic learning and moulding children into independent individuals. We strive to explore and enhance their physical competence GDGIS is one of the best school and is dedicated to providing intellectual abilities, aesthetic and artistic skills, and cultivate their social conscience with the help of our trained and motivated teachers. It is our mission to employ our entire resources, general and specific labs, Digital lab and Pre foundation competition coaching to enable child to excel in their chosen field through lifelong learning and make them ideal global citizen.


ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan